First Response Disaster Relief [FirtsRDR] is a pending not-for-profit organization founded by a multi-tude of individuals that were introduced during Hurricane Florence in September, 2018.

As emergency rescues/reliefs during that situation transpired, it became obvious to these individuals that there was one common goal amongst each of them: the desire to help others in dire times of need. Each of these special people shared a strong history of offering aid/rescue and are able to offer these resources to those directly impacted by natural disasters.

Each of our founders are all very different. We were born in different cities and states. We represent a wide variety of generations and colors. We even love different foods, music and movies. But… we are now forever united as an organization, First Response Disaster Relief. We take pride in being the heartbeat of this organization and are not just a team, but a new-found “family”.


Our mission is to serve our communities in their time of need by the deployment of our emergency response teams which provide both human and animal rescue/evacuation services as well as providing emergency food/supplies all in a timely manner.

About us – Texas Certificate of Filing

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